Access as a Trainer

Join our Digital Platform for Training on safe use of Diisocyanates as a Trainer.

Whether you are interested in virtual of face-to-face classroom trainings, we provide tailor-made training packs for the safe use of diisocyanates under the REACH legislation. Our dedicated platform offers you a framework in which you can efficiently train companies and internal colleagues. Benefit from our developed training material and a powerful portal to manage your trainings.

Apply now if you are a company, an independent trainer or training institute with:

  • Expert(s) on occupational safety and health with competence acquired by relevant vocational training.

  • Person(s) who have work experience with diisocyanates, and/or a relevant education in environment, health and safety (EHS). They qualify for conducting such trainings.


                  Please fill in our application from. Your application will be processed.