Training Material for Trainers

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Who can be trainers on diisocyanates?

The regulation (EU) 2020/1149 introduces a restriction making successful completion of a training mandatory prior to using diisocyanates. “Such training shall be conducted by an expert on occupational safety and health with competence acquired by relevant vocational training.


Different categories of trainers

In order to get access to the training material developed by ISOPA/ALIPA and their downstream partners, ISOPA/ALIPA has defined 2 trainer categories:

In-house Company trainer/safety expert on Diisocyanates                                              

A trainer acts as an employee of their company and, as a result, is responsible for training employees of their company or customers of their company.  

External trainer/safety expert on Diisocyanates

A trainer is either a self-employed individual or an employee of a training institute/consultancy who provides training to trainees against a fee.


Process to register as a trainer

If you are interested in registering as an in-house or external trainer, please read the following process:




Train-the-Trainer Courses

ISOPA/ALIPA offers a Train the Trainer one-day course to receive proof to demonstrate qualification as expert on occupational safety and health with regard to Diisocyanates.



Book a Training with an External Trainer

If you are interested in booking a training for yourself or for your employees, you can contact external trainers.